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Electric refrigerated two-wheeler

Driven Type:Full electric driven
Cooling box:color steel /CFRT skin +PU foam
Temperature :-30℃ to +25℃

Product Description:



Electric refrigerated two-wheeler

The main structure of the product:

Car body: The inner and outer skins are sprayed with steel plates, and the materials of FRP and stainless steel can also be customized. The car body is made of PU polyurethane integrated injection foaming, and the thickness of the insulation layer is 58mm, which has a good insulation effect. The car body is designed to hold the built-in unit and the battery on the other.

Refrigeration unit: The unit uses a DC rotor frequency conversion compressor, which is a battery-driven compressor specially mounted on the vehicle. It has no fuel and low maintenance costs. It has the advantages of anti-turbulence and tilting.

Frame: stylish appearance, powerful battery, vacuum tires, speed change handle, car basket, turn signal. The car body is small and exquisite, it can shuttle through the lanes and over the mountains.



Model No. Brand size Volume Car motor power Cooler Unit voltage Cooler unit power Temperature Range(℃)
KT-D128-LC Made in China 800*620*840 128 400 DC12v 320 0-20adjustable
KT-Z128-LC 320 8-5 adjustable
KT-D128-LX48 No car No car 320 0-20adjustable
KT-D128-LX48 320 8-5 adjustable
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