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fresh keeping cooling solution for tricycle Kazakhstan

Applicable Industries:Depot, modification plant etc
Place of Origin:Henan, China
Driving Type:battery drive
Compressor Voltage:DC48V/60V
Use for: Refrigerated transport
Driving Type: electric
Body Type: Open
Cooling system: DC powered
Moq: 1set
Controller: Digital controler
Warranty:1 year

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Electric refrigerated tricycle
Electric refrigerated tricycle

Driven Type:Full electric driven
Cooling box:color steel /CFRT skin +PU foam
Temperature :-30℃ to +25℃

Electric refrigerated two-wheeler
Electric refrigerated two-wheeler

Driven Type:Full electric driven
Cooling box:color steel /CFRT skin +PU foam
Temperature :-30℃ to +25℃

Refrigerated Cargo Tricycle - From China

Kingclima's goal is to consolidate and improve the quality and service of existing products, while constantly developing new products to meet the needs of different customers for refrigerated cargo tricycles. We are confident of great achievements in the future. We look forward to being one of your most reliable suppliers. Since 2002, our products have been sold to Europe, America, Australia, Poland, Venezuela, Switzerland and other parts of the world. The company has a complete management system and after-sales service system. We are committed to creating a pioneer in the refrigeration industry. Our factory is willing to cooperate with different customers at home and abroad to create a better future.

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Quick Details refrigeration unit of electric refrigerated tricycle
Car body: The inner and outer skins are sprayed with steel plate, and the materials of FRP and stainless steel can also be customized. The car body is made of PU polyurethane integrated injection foaming, and the thickness of the insulation layer is 75mm, which has a good insulation effect.
Box parts: high-quality aluminum alloy edging around the box, high-quality stainless steel door locks, stainless steel hinges, aluminum alloy edging.
Refrigeration unit: The unit uses a DC rotor frequency conversion compressor, which is a battery-driven compressor specially mounted on the vehicle. It has no fuel and low maintenance cost. It has the advantages of anti-turbulence and tilting.
Frame: The five-bend frame is more sturdy, and the bumper is thicker, with high and low speed, afterburner gear, and high-power differential motor. The car body is small and can be shuttled in alleys.
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Usually we pack the unit products into cartons first, and then pack them into wooden boxes for pallets.It can also be packaged and transported according to the user's requirements.

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